The Time Between - 6 Posters - Limited Edition of 25


6 digital prints from The Time Between series
Limited edition of 25
320mm x 450mm
Colorplan Pristine White, 120 gsm
Each poster titled, signed and numbered
Presented in Colorplan Citrine 135gsm envelope, with attached print and label

A collection of six digital prints from The Time Between series. The Time Between looks at the city centre at night — a place of both beauty and degradation, full of community and play, and also loneliness and isolation. The images convey the bewitching theatrical atmosphere of the city centre at night, pitch black in some places, in other places buildings and people illuminated by intense multicoloured lights, refracted and reflected. The colours and superimpositions in these images are not the outcome of in-camera double exposure or digital manipulation but the result of natural and constructed reflections on various surfaces combined, at times, with the manipulation of film development and a wide range of printing techniques to render the familiar new and unknown.

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