Ghosts Are Real - 6 Posters - Limited Edition of 25


6 digital prints from the Ghosts Are Real series
Limited edition of 25
320mm x 450mm
Colorplan Pristine White, 120 gsm
Each poster titled, signed and numbered
Presented in Colorplan Citrine 135gsm envelope, with attached print and label

A collection of six digital prints from the Ghosts Are Real series. The images were created while caring for my mother during the last few months of her life. Each night I went for long, slow walks through the city and surrounding countryside. The images are as much about feelings experienced—the sense of a vanished world—as the representation of particular places. The daytime traumas encouraged a bittersweet appreciation of the fragile wonders of the world, the sheer joy of the here and now, of life's exquisite, magical pleasures.

Encompassing diverse camera methods, experimental processing, a range of media and various fine-art print making techniques, the images are a full-bleed expression of colour and beauty.

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