Bring Me Sunshine: 50 Shops in Morecambe


All profits from the sale of Bring Me Sunshine go to Morecambe Bay Food Bank

Wire bound
210mm x 297mm
104 Pages
130 gsm silk
Cover 200 gsm silk

Recent years have witnessed an unprecedented collapse in the retail sector in the United Kingdom with record numbers of high street stores and corner shops closing. The most significant factors shrinking the opportunities for any small scale retail business have been the continued rise and dominance of the supermarket and the relentless expansion of Amazon and other online companies. The results in Morecambe, a seaside town in the north west of England, have left a decaying retail fabric.

More broadly, the photographs in Bring Me Sunshine show one aspect of Morecambe after a disastrous decade of unnecessary and ideologically driven austerity inflicted by Conservative and Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition governments. The austerity experiment implemented in the United kingdom has had appalling human consequences, especially — inevitably and deliberately — for the poor. 

Seaside towns like Morecambe reflect and amplify many of the United Kingdom's long-standing social and economic problems. In particular, a dysfunctional housing market with a shortage of social housing has forced more people into private renting, while cuts to housing benefit since 2010 have ensured that the most economically viable areas of the country are unaffordable for people on low incomes. With the decline in tourism seaside towns have a surfeit of old guesthouses that landlords have acquired and repurposed into low quality but affordable bedsits. In consequence, many seaside towns have become the place to go for cheap housing. Unfortunately, the economies of seaside towns, Morecambe included, offer mostly insecure, low-paid work, with little training and opportunity for local people to transform their lives.

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